Camille Dobson, MPA

Ms. Dobson is Deputy Executive Director at ADvancing States. She has experience in both the public and private sectors, focused on Medicaid policy and compliance. Her body of work includes almost ten years of service at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and eight years working for Medicaid managed care plans in Medicaid. Ms. Dobson’s key areas of expertise include Medicaid managed care, with particular focus on managed LTSS (MLTSS) programs; quality measurement and improvement; stakeholder engagement; Medicaid program design and compliance. Ms. Dobson is a nationally recognized expert in managed care and LTSS, and presents often to state senior leadership, state legislative committees and provider associations across the country.

Ms. Dobson joined ADvancing States in 2014. There Camille leads the organization’s quality measurement and MLTSS policy portfolio, including directing the MLTSS Institute. In that role, she provides intensive technical assistance to states seeking to implement or improve their MLTSS programs on topics as diverse as stakeholder engagement, care management, MCO oversight mechanisms and quality measurement. Ms. Dobson has co-authored six issue briefs on MLTSS program implementation ranging from emerging roles of community-based organizations to strategies for states seeking to implement programs for dually eligible individuals. She also provides executive oversight for the National Core Indicators – Aging and DisabilitiesTM, a consumer quality of life survey. She has served as an advisor to NCQA regarding LTSS accreditation standards as well as person-driven outcomes. She also represented the states on two different NQF committees working on HCBS quality measurement.

Prior to joining ADvancing States, she held senior positions with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) within the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services. During her tenure at CMS, Camille specialized in Medicaid managed care policy, managed long term services and supports), and quality improvement. She was the primary author of CMS’ 2013 guidance to States laying out key elements for MLTSS programs, and completed the first substantive draft of overhauled Medicaid managed regulations which codified the 2013 guidance. She drove the development and testing of new quality measures for MLTSS programs, which are now publicly available for state and health plan use. Finally, Ms. Dobson led efforts to help states moving to MLTSS to translate HCBS waiver assurances for health plan adoption and implementation. Early in her CMS tenure, Ms. Dobson was a project officer for section 1115 demonstrations in over ten states, including a number of states with MLTSS programs, and brings deep knowledge and experience in negotiating and implementing special terms and conditions that accompany those demonstrations.

Before joining CMS, Ms. Dobson worked for almost ten years in Medicaid managed care plans in Maryland, where she led quality measurement and compliance units.