Peggy O’Brien-Strain, PhD

Peggy O’Brien-Strain, PhD brings almost 20 years’ experience in health services research, TA, and policy analysis. Her current work crosses topics in developmental disabilities, health care policy, child and family support, and HIV/AIDS. Among other aspects, her projects focus on promoting agencies’ ability to use their data for analysis and program improvement. For the current Developmental Disability Services (DDS) contract, Dr. O’Brien-Strain leads work on individuals transitioning from the developmental centers as well as the mortality system improvement efforts. These efforts have grown out of her role directing the ad hoc report production team. In prior work for DDS, Dr. O’Brien-Strain co-designed a model to forecast caseloads and expenditures based on the experiences under Federal and state program changes and cost containment measures. She also developed models of consumer expenditures for individual budgeting. In other state developmental disability work, Dr. O’Brien-Strain currently leads a project with the Oregon Office of Developmental Disability Services to refine and test the reliability and validity of an assessment tool that evaluates the functional skills, behavioral challenges, level of care needs, and risks for individuals on the Oregon caseload. She is also the PD for a new, short-turnaround project for the Division of IDD for the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Finance. This project is reviewing the survey and certification processes for developmental disability and other HCBS waiver services and developing standardized remediation protocols to promote accountable organizations.